Speedict is a privately owned and operated business based in Hong Kong. We, as an innovator, strive to provide an affordable, innovation products for the fast growing electric bicycle, eBike or Pedelec market. 
Established in 2009, our development team has achieved several milestones including the world's first electric bike computer that display live data and control via Android smart devices. We will continue to introduce revolutionary products to enhance rider's control over their ebikes.
Our vision is that there will be a paradigm shifts where, instead of driving, people commute with their ebike, for work and leisure, supplement by public transit. Future ebiker should be able to monitor, control, and communicate with their ebike using an affordable mobile devices, as well as access and store relevant information through cloud services anytime, anywhere.

Next Generation of Battery Management System

Neptune 15 / 20 is the next generation of Battery Management System BMS specifically design for enthusiastic e-biker who wish to have total control over the battery pack as well as achieving it’s best performance and shelf life. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE for Android devices. 


Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

Charge Discharge Control

Adjustable Cell Balance


Temperature Monitoring

Electronic Lock

60+ Hours Logging

Chart Presentation

Firmware Upgradeable

(left) Memory Allocation Screen (Centre) Individual Cell Information Screen (Right) Firmware Upgrade Screen

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(Left) All Data Grid View (Centre) Cell Balance Screen (Right) Pack Charging Screen

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(Left) Main Dashboard Screen display Bluetooth Status, Lock Status, Cell Voltage Level, Dashboard Information such as Speed, Voltage or Current Information. (Right) Log Detail Information

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(left) Memory Allocation Screen (Centre) Individual Cell Information Screen (Right) Firmware Upgrade Screen

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Battery Pack Balance Wires

Main Discharge Wire

Cell Balance Indicator

Status Indicator

Loading / Speed Controller


Speed Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Power Switch

Neptune 15 User Guide is here !

This guide will walk you through the basics of using Neptune 15 including how to connect with your system, setup Charge and Balance parameters, both On-Road and Off-Road protection with Speed, Current, Watt or Temperature level, or setup correct tire circumference for accurate speed measurement.